Observational Lab for Students

The observational lab course teaches modern astronomical observation methods which includes to working with the 25 cm reflecting telescope of the observatory. The observations are done during a clear sky in groups of 2 to 3 participants.

The tasks include: Handling of the telescope, visual observations, photography with the CCD camera, photometry and spectroscopy. Additionally, you wil learn to reduce astronomical data. We also give the possibility of different exercises at a radio telescope. In order to finish the exercises it is also possible to observe during semester break between terms.

The four hours observational lab is addressed to students during their master studies. The lab is based on the lecture "Fundamentals in Astrophysics". Therefore, the attendance of the lecture is highly recommended. The dates for preliminary discussions can be checked in Univis.

Additional information:

Additional information on the practice observatory on the roof of tower LS19.

More information on the radioastronomy parts of the course are on external webpages. The general procedure and questions to observations are discussed in the priliminary discussion or by request.

Gallery and Videos: Some photographs, which were done with the practicse observatory

Literature: script to the observational lab (in german) and additional information



main part: Dr. Tobias Illenseer

radioastronomy: Dr. Joachim Köppen