Special and General Relativity (on demand)

Lecturers: Prof. Dr. W. J. Duschl or Dr. T. F. Illenseer

Language: German

This irregular lecture is adressed to master students.

The most well known effect in special relativity are time dilatation and length contraction. Of coursre, also the equivalence of enegy and mass E=mc² is well known.

In opposite to the theory of newtonian gravity, general relativity can describe the fourth force also phenomenologicly. The most recent evidence for the theory is the measurement of gravitational waves. Additional effects like the perihelion precession of Mercury or the refraction of light by the sun substantiate the theory.

Solutions to the Einstein equations, the fundamental equations in GRT, describe black holes and the evolution of the universe.

The lecture is about the complements the understanding of the fourth fundamental force, as well as basic principles in astrophysics.