Within the work group different software packages in the field of computational fluid dynamics are being developed, which are mainly specialised in accretion physics.



A free software package, developed to numerically solve 3D hyperbolic conservation equations on arbitrary curvilinar-orthogonal grids. Its main purpose is the simulation of compressible fluids with rotational symmetry and slab symmetry. With its special boundary conditions and geometries, accretion processes are particularly feasible.


On the Fosite webpages you can find the download sections, together with additional informations to the range of capabilities, the documentation and some examples.



A progam package for the solution of one-dimensional evolution equations, or systems of equations, on arbitrary curvilinear-orthogonal grids, based on the principles of Fosite. Besides explicit time integration methods, hedis can use implicit methods in order to simulate large timescales fastly. Because of its efficient methods it is also possible to use it for sub-grid models in large-box simulations.





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