Astrophysics in Kiel

The central building is the ITAP. On the right-hand side the teaching observatory stands on one of the towers of the IEAP.Holger Boll (2014)

The Astrophysical department is associated with the Insitute for Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics (ITAP) and includes two professorships.

The institute is, alongside the Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics (IEAP), part of the physics department and belongs to the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (Mat-Nat) of the CAU Kiel.

The institute is located at Leibnizstraße 15 the middle of the three physics towers, with the physics building residing between the university library and the botanical garden. You may consider to have a look at the maps of the university (section C).

With respresentatives like Albrecht Unsöld, astrophysics in Kiel is of particular relevance. It looks back on a 300 year old history.