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Noh Problem

The Noh test examines the problem of shock reflection. Density and pressure are initially continuous whereas the velocity has an infinite strength jump discontinuity at x=0.5. The time-dependent solution consists of two shocks originating at the initial discontinuity and travelling to the left and right boundaries. Between these shocks a new state develops with the gas being at rest and with constant density and pressure differing from those in front of the shocks.

(All physical quantities are given in dimensionless units.)

Initial conditions:

   left  right
 density Σ  1.0  1.0
 pressure P  10-5  10-5
 velocity v  1.0  -1.0


  heat capacity ratio γ  5/3
  Monocent parameter Θ  1.2
 Runtime T  1.0
 Resolution  100

Noh Problem