Here you can find images, which were produced using the institutes practice observatory. During the lab course you can learn how to make such shots. We would be delighted, if you would provide your shots for the gallery after you finished the course.
Cigar Galaxy & SN2014J J. Klee & T. Breslein (2014)
NGC7654J. Klee & T. Breslein (2014)
Comet LovejoyR. Brunngräber (2016)
Orion NebulaR. Brunngräber (2016)
Whirlpool GalaxyR. Brunngräber (2016)
Dumbbell NebulaD. Asmus & M. Junker (2007)
Ring NebulaD. Asmus & M. Junker (2007)
SaturnF. Weber, F. Woelk & A. Gudell
HI in the Milky Way (radio telescopy)J. Köppen
Galactic plane (radio telescopy)J. Köppen
21cm line in the Milky Way (radio telescopy)J. Köppen