Lineup for the NAC (July 7th, 2017)

Jul 03, 2017

Lineup as a downloadable PDF file


10.40 - Robert Brauer (Uni Kiel) - Magnetic fields in circumstellar disk: The potential of Zeeman observations

11.00 - Evangelos Nagel (Hamburg Observatory) - Telluric absorption correction in high-resolution optical and near-infrared CARMENES spectra

11.20 - Sebastian Kohl (Hamburg Observatory) - A search for bow shocks around hot gaseous planets

11.40 - Roman Avramenko (Uni Kiel) - Binary included structures in protoplanetary disks

12.00 - Shadi Shacker (Hamburg Observatory)  - The difference between the causal structure constant and the speed of light. Is it real?

12.20 - 13.30 Lunch break

13.30 - Bastian Koertgen (Hamburg Observatory) - Molecular cloud formation in magnetized disc galaxies: the transition from magnetically sub- to supercritical

13.50 - Jubin Lirawi (Uni Kiel) - Tidally locked exoplanets

14.10 - Manuel Jung (Hamburg Observatory) - Modeling young embedded protostars with 3D radiation hydrodynamics

14.30 - Anna Julia Poser (Uni Rostock) - Model atmospheres and the derived bulk composition of Hot Jupiters

14.50 - Marcel Völschow (Hamburg Observatory) - To be or not to be: phantom planets around binary stars

15.10 - Konstantin Herbst (Uni Kiel) - Atris: A tool to calculate the ionization of planetary atmospheres by solar (stellar) and galactic cosmic rays

15.30 - Future NAC

16.00 - End